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Our School's Vision and Mission for Every Scholar

Vision: Analytical Thinkers Today, Innovators Tomorrow

GALA, we get ATT  IT!


Mission:  GALA builds a community of analytical thinkers and tomorrow’s innovators.   Instruction is enhanced through the areas of the arts, mathematics, engineering and science.  We facilitate educational experiences to support students in building knowledge and creating ideas, which leads to their successful future in a global economy. 

We have developed with our GALA Local School Leadership Team, which includes parents, teachers, administrators, and instructional support staff a vision and mission that we are proud of and intend to have it guide our thinking about our scholars, about instruction, about student engagement, and every area of our learning community.  GALA - we get ATT IT! Analytical Thinkers Today; Innovators Tomorrow!

Math in Engineering
Engineering is a focus at Lawson Academy