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Who is Gerald A. Lawson?

Gerald A. Lawson Academy of the Arts, Mathematics, & Science is very proud to be named after such a brilliant innovator as Gerald A. Lawson. Mr. Lawson was a self-taught engineer who was instrumental in the video gaming, technology community. Mr. Lawson is known as the Father of the Video Gaming Cartridge and without his invention, video gaming as we know it today, would not exit. Mr. Lawson never wanted video games to be violent but felt that games could be a tool, a fun tool, where you learn from it.  Mr. Lawson is survived by his widow Mrs. Lawson, and a son and daughter. Thank you to the Lawson family for being a part of our school community. GALA, we get ATT It!  Analytical Thinkers Today; Innovators Tomorrow!

Gerald A Lawson